Pest Control

Our highly trained technicians are very
knowledgeable in pest identification and
troubleshooting your pest problems. Our
service consist of a thorough interior
treatment and perimeter treatment. We
recommend treating your house every
quarter but may be done on an as needed
basis. We do not require contracts and do
not charge start-up fees so give us a call and
give us the opportunity to serve you by
eliminating all of your pest problems!

Insect facts
Some female cockroaches mate once and
remain pregnant for the rest of their lives.

Cockroaches can hold their breath up to 40

Roaches use their antennae as noses. Their
sense of smell is so great, they recognize family
and friends by their distinct odors.

Cockroaches have been known to carry
pathogen bacteria that can cause leprosy,
tuberculosis, chlorea, dysentery, and typhoid. As
well as over 40 other bacteria or viruses that
cause disease.

Fleas can jump up to 4 feet high.

Their are more than 200 million insects for every
human worldwide.

More people are killed each year from bees than

An Ant colony can house a half a million ants.

Insects can lift 50 times their natural weight or

removal, and Weevils
and other stored product
pests are just some of the
pest we specialize in.